What Are Our Butts Trying To Say?

"It was a butt tweet" is the cool new explainer for things you tweeted but probably shouldn't have. But what if it really WAS a butt tweet? What if our butts have something to tell us?

What Have Our Butts Said Lately?

Here are just some of the butt tweets we dismissed as merely drunk (or otherwise poorly thought out) tweets. But what if they weren't??? ARE WE IGNORING OUR BUTTS?

Our butts are like, "Bqhatevwr."

Our butts are having a hard time finding the right word.

Our butts have a question, but they're nervous about asking it.

Our butts are scared and confused.

Our butts are learning the alphabet just one letter at a time like the rest of us.

Our butts are calling out for us by name. Sooner or later ... we must answer.

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