The Many Stages Of Drunk Texting

How did you let this happen again?

It is FINALLY the weekend. (Or just ... after 6 pm.)

You planned to take it easy. Just two. No more.

But that plan goes out the window pretty quickly.

You think you're totally composed, but you are ... not.

Suddenly you get an idea. It feels like a brand-new really, really GOOD idea, too.

You'll text your crush!!!

Your friends are not TOTALLY for this plan, but whatever.

You send it, and there is just the briefest moment of pride and victory.

You feel like you came off cute and sexy, like this.

(But really it was more like this.)

The rest of the night is great! You don't even check your phone at all.

Then, the next morning.

You remember.

You run-crawl to your phone to read it. And then you panic.

This is not good. NOT GOOD AT ALL.

You think about texting again, but what would you even say? Would it help??

You try to calm yourself down. No big deal!!

On the other hand, this is the worst thing that's ever happened.

But you give yourself Advil, brunch, and a pep talk.

You decide to be preemptively mad at your crush for being annoyed by your drunk text.

Then you decide your head hurts too much to care.

Tomorrow's a new day. Probably you'll never do this again!

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