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Possibly The First Passover E-Book Created By A Dating Site

JDate Haggadah is an eBook version of, well, the Haggadah. It also answers the question you never knew you had: what would Moses' online dating profile look like?

Posted on March 14, 2013, at 1:33 p.m. ET

JDate Haggadah is an eBook version of the Haggadah, the text containing the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt and traditionally read at Passover Seder.

The free eBook is meant to be used as a functional, "modern" Haggadah (read, as it were, from a smartphone or tablet), but also provides, as their PR pitch puts it, "a steady stream of punchy jokes." Mostly this means lamenting the lack of technology present in ancient Egypt ("Look around and appreciate all you have, for we were once Pharaoh's slaves in Egypt where there was no cell reception and very few taxi cabs."), but in the middle section, there are also a few pages dedicated to mock-up JDate profiles for the Pharaoh, his daughter, the slavemaster, and Moses himself. (Username: "GunsNMoses." "You should message me if you: want to get out of Egypt.")

They're only a little weirder than the type of profile you can currently find on any modern-day dating site on the internet.

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