How To Find Love Online

It's so much easier than you thought.

You've heard of people finding love using one of these things, but did you know it was easier than you thought?

Take a look at that keyboard.

I mean, REALLY get in close.

What is that??

It can't be. How did you miss this?

Has this key been here this whole time?

It might be in different places, depending on your computer model.

It might be where the "D" key normally goes. Who nee... has to use that letter anyway?

It could lurking near the shift key... because you need to SHIFT your heart into caps lock mode.

It could also be by the command key. PLEASE TO BE HAVING ROMANCE NOW.

Well, that seems easy.

Who needs QWERTY when you can have QWERLOVE?

I had no idea my next kiss was right under my pinky finger.

Oh, just like, press this one?



Oh, haha, there you are. Easy.

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