Everyone Is Using Their Smartphones On The Toilet

You know this is why cell phones are so germy, right? A semi-scientific study.

Last year a survey that found that 75% of Americans admitted to using their phones while in the bathroom made the news, and it was very gross and upsetting, particularly to anyone who has ever borrowed someone else's phone or even held it for a few seconds.

Bad news: it's probably getting even worse. BuzzFeed polled its staff on the use of smartphones while sitting on the toilet, collecting responses from 62 employees on the condition of anonymity. The results are below. (This poll surveyed an admittedly niche sample of Internet people, who are often more filthy balls of germs with smartphones stuck to them than we are humans, but it's likely still a sign of the times. Don't drop it and wash your hands.)

Finally, we asked what the most important/inappropriate-to-the-setting thing our respondents had ever done on the toilet was.

There was a bit of a sexting trend, admitted to by people who seem to KNOW it's just ... wrong:

"I once sexted my boyfriend. :("

"Was embroiled in sexting an old boss on the toilet. Whoops?"

"Sexting... whoops."

What else are people doing in there?

"I text and email on the toilet ALL THE TIME. Any email I send before I get to work was almost certainly sent from my phone while I was on the toilet."

"Probably an email to boss about a story I was working on."

"Really just use it for web browsing; haven't done anything too terrible."

"I gave a reporter a statement in the bathroom once."

"I once had an hour long conversation with my dad on the toilet because i didnt want to be rude and have him hear me flush so i was stuck there."

"I really don't do much besides play games! Anything else feels icky to me."

"Published breaking news stories to a large website."

"All I'm gonna say is: You're not really friends with someone until you've sent them a mid-poop snapchat."

"This survey."

What are you doing on your phone on the toilet, and WHY?!

Tell us in the comments.

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