What Are You Going To Do Without The Juul? Tell Us Your Story.

If you juul, tell us how you feel and what you’ll do after it’s no longer available. Quit? Switch to another vape? Maybe even smoke cigarettes?

Menthol flavored Juul e-cigarette products are displayed in a convenience store.

Last month, the FDA ordered Juul off the US market, meaning the company was required to wipe its e-cigarettes off store shelves and stop selling and distributing its products.

Just one day later, the federal court granted Juul a temporary stay, allowing its products to continue being sold — for now.

Although the government ban never stopped individual consumers from possessing or using Juul products, there’s still a chance the company will soon meet its end in the US.

We would like to know what the Juul ban means for you, whether you use e-cigarettes or not. Are you planning on quitting? Switching to another brand? Stocking up on Juul products so you have a stash when they go away?

Maybe you feel grateful for Juul products because they helped you quit smoking traditional cigarettes and now you’re not sure what to do.

Maybe you started juuling at a young age without knowing they contained nicotine and you’re now cheering the demise of the company accused of marketing highly addictive flavored products to children.

No matter how you feel, we’d like to hear from you. Share your feelings and concerns with us by filling out this form. We may contact you to include your thoughts in an upcoming BuzzFeed News article.

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