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Asking for a Friend is BuzzFeed News’ health advice column. You share your weirdest questions about your body and we get answers from medical experts.

We’ve all had those moments when we noticed something seemingly unusual about our bodies but were too afraid to google it or too embarrassed to ask a friend or family member about it, let alone a doctor. 

Maybe you have a weird discharge or bumps on your skin, or you’re skeptical if you really need to pee after sex. Or maybe you’re wondering why your hands swell when you go hiking or why you get nauseous from smoking too much weed.

Well, there’s a 99.999% chance that whatever weird, gross, or even scary thing you’re experiencing with your health is the same weird, gross, or scary thing others are wondering about, too.

That’s where Asking for a Friend comes in. 

You tell us what you need to know about your body — or bodies in general — and we’ll ask medical experts for their thoughts (but if something serious is going on, you should chat with your doctor).

That said, there are no silly questions — seriously! 

Have a question in mind? Fill out this form, which you can keep coming back to whenever another question arises. We may answer your question in an upcoming column.

Don't hold back. This is a safe space.

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