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President Obama Is "Not Confident Enough" To Order Lavender Iced Tea


Posted on July 30, 2014, at 2:30 p.m. ET


President Obama is apparently "not confident enough" for lavender iced tea.

During a Wednesday stop in Kansas City, Missouri, at Parkville Coffee, the president bought patrons beverages and ordered an iced tea, but then declined one with lavender. According to the White House pool report:

The president offered to pay for all of the patrons' drinks, and eventually they took him up on it -- five refills and a chai tea -- after much pressing:

"It's not that often the president buys you a cup of coffee," Mr. Obama said.

When the president ordered an iced tea, an employee offered him one with lavender.

"I'm not confident enough to order that," Mr. Obama said.

He tested coffee and tea from small cups and talked to one employee about roasting, then about the handful of employees' educational and job backgrounds as the pool was ushered out at about 12:27 p.m.