Introducing The BuzzFeed Politics Podcast: "No One Knows Anything"

If there's one thing we know after this year, it's that nobody knows a damn thing.

Nobody really saw this year coming.

Here at BuzzFeed, we've been covering this insane election and trying to figure out what exactly it is that got us all here.

So we're starting a podcast — hosted by politics reporter Evan McMorris-Santoro — that will be investigating various insane things that have happened in politics and why they happened. (And other stuff, too. It's not all unsolved mysteries.)

But this isn't a podcast for terrible "Well, actually" people that you don't want to talk to at parties.

Evan will be interviewing people you've heard of, people you haven't. He'll be asking people on our politics staff who are experts in the things they cover. And he'll be talking to, you know, actual people who vote and don't live in Washington or New York.

First up: How DOES Bernie Sanders raise all that money? He's doing something no one's ever done before! And can anyone else do it again?

Listen to the first episode of No One Knows Anything interview and subscribe on iTunes.

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