Hugh Hewitt On The Kinds Of Questions He'll Ask At The Debate: No Evolution

And no questions meant to "divide on religious grounds." The radio show host, who will be a part of CNN's debate, says foreign policy should come first in an interview with radio host Aaron Klein.

Hugh Hewitt will not be asking questions about contraceptives at CNN's Republican presidential debate.

In an interview with radio host Aaron Klein that will air Sunday night on New York's AM 970 The Answer, Hewitt ruled out certain types of questions completely.

"I don't care what people think about evolution," he told Klein. "I don't care. I never cared. I don't care if they know how old the earth is and I just have never cared about personal religious beliefs."

The RNC announced last week that Hewitt, the center-right radio host, will participate in the network's September debate. The party has taken a much tighter approach to the debates for the 2016 cycle after a 2012 cycle that saw a grueling 20 debates. The ABC News debate remains a particular source of ire on the right; George Stephanopoulos asked whether states have the right to ban contraception (something no Republican candidate had proposed).

"[Article VI of the Constitution has] no religious test for public office," Hewitt told Klein in the interview. "And that is our tradition. And that is why we are a strong, vibrant democracy is we have no religious test. So I really hate gotcha questions or trick questions that are designed to divide on religious grounds. They turn my stomach actually, so I won't be asking."

Instead, Hewitt said the emphasis should be on foreign policy, with issues like ISIS and Iran taking precedence — as in his interview last week with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

"To me, foreign affairs comes first, not last," Hewitt said.

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