How To Bury The News That The Iran Nuclear Talks Failed

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's resignation was announced on Monday, amid reports he was ousted after an ineffectual tenure. (Also, the Iran nuclear talks will be extended seven more months.)

1. On Sunday, reports first began that a deal with Iran over its nuclear program would not be reached and the talks would likely be extended. On Monday morning, the extension is confirmed around 8 a.m.

VIENNA (AP) - Diplomat: Talks on #Iran nuclear program expected to be extended by 7 months. #IranTalksVienna

The extension of the talks, the second this year, is considered a failure for the administration.

2. At 8:53, an administration official says Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to speak around 10 a.m. ET.

3. Just after 9 a.m., the New York Times reports that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will resign.

4. At 9:28, the White House announces that not only will Obama announce the resignation on Monday, Obama will speak Monday morning at 11:10.

5. At 10:14, an administration official now expects Kerry to also speak around 11 a.m. ET, rather than 10.

6. Obama and Hagel speak on time at 11:10.

7. And Kerry comes on right after just before 11:30.

8. What's the big news of the day?

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