Here Are The Most Conservative And Liberal Names In America

There's... a pattern.

The most conservative and liberal names in America are Doyle and Natasha.

Crowdpac, a nonpartisan group, focuses on how money and policy work in politics. The group scores all donors who have made two or more campaign contributions since 1980. Using that algorithm — and a cut-off of names with at least 1,000 donations made to avoid unusual names and outliers — Crowdpac built a tool to show how conservative or liberal first names are.

You can enter your name in this tool here.

(For example, "Katherine" is moderately liberal and people with this name are "less likely to contribute to a campaign than the average citizen.")

Crowdpac also put together the top 20 conservative and liberal names in the country.

You'll notice there is a very stark gender divide! The liberal names generally sound like a group of women in their late 20s; the conservative names sound like the members of a large bluegrass band from the 1930s. This makes sense: Women are more likely to be Democrats, for one thing, and the liberal names also generally represent younger Americans, while the conservative names generally skew older.

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