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How To Name A Super PAC

Some of these are real political action committees through which people raise millions and millions of dollars for politicians. Most of them are not.

Posted on January 28, 2015, at 12:05 p.m. ET

Reclaim America PAC

Restore Our Future PAC

Salvage America's Virtue PAC

Gently Rekindle America's Last Flame Before It Is Extinguished PAC

You Know, This Used To Be A Place With Dignity PAC

A Woman Is Weeping PAC

Nostalgia For A Time That Was But Perhaps Can Never Be Recaptured, Like The Love Of A Good Woman Or American Manufacturing PAC

To Be Honest, Everything's Awful Right Now PAC

Right to Rise PAC

American Revival PAC

A Populist Phrase PAC

Pa Said There'd Be Days Like These PAC

The Guitar Solo in "Like A Rock" PAC

Priorities USA Action PAC

Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC

Reasonable Suggestions PAC

Some Goals PAC

A Sleeve Of Saltines PAC

Off The Sidelines PAC

Women Vote! PAC

Fair Share Action PAC

Level The Playing Field PAC

Look, It Could Get Worse PAC

Progressing From The Abyss PAC

If Only You'd Resign Yourself To What We Think Going Forward PAC

Volunteerism (For An Extremely Specific Set Of Cultural And Regulatory Standards) PAC

And We Stood There In The Clear, Bright Morning Selling Those Girl Scout Cookies And That Boy Scout Popcorn Out Of This Silver Volvo And Everything Was Wonderful PAC