Colbert Busch Calls Obamacare "Extremely Problematic"

Elizabeth Colbert Busch seeks to distance herself from national Democrats "It’s cutting into Medicare benefits and it’s having companies lay off their employees because they are worried about the cost of it," she said at a debate.

Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch sought to distance herself from the national party, calling Obamacare "extremely problematic."

Colbert Busch, who is running in a special election against former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford for South Carolina's 1st congressional district, noted while there are some good parts of the health care law, she was troubled by it's cost and the burden it could put on employers.

"Obamacare is extremely problematic, it is expensive, it is a $500 billion cost than we originally anticipated, it's cutting into Medicare benefits and it's having companies lay off their employees because they are worried about the cost of it. That is extremely problematic, it needs an enormous fix," she said during a debate Monday night.

It's no surprise Colbert Busch would be critical of the law: the 1st district was until recently represented by conservative Sen. Tim Scott and was won overwhelmingly by Mitt Romney in November.

During the debate, Sanford repeatedly tried to tie Colbert Busch to Congressional Democrats and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"The Washington fundraiser that was done for you was hosted by 37 members of the Congress," he said. "Every single one of them supported and voted for Obamacare."

But it's Sanford's own baggage, from his time as Governor when he disappeared to Argentina for an extra-marital affair, that give Democrats hope they'll be able to take the seat.

When Sanford's ex-wife accused him of trespassing at her house, the National Republican Campaign Committee announced they would no longer spend money on the race.

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