Here's A Look At All The Places Trump Was Before Testing Positive For Coronavirus

The President had a packed schedule before testing positive for the coronavirus on Oct. 1.

President Trump tested positive for the coronavirus on Oct. 1. With barely a month left before the election, the president had a packed week of events and engagements all over the country in the week leading up to his positive test, including meeting with Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, participating in the first presidential debate with former vice president Biden in Cleveland, rally events in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, and a roundtable with supporters in New Jersey.

First lady Melania Trump has also tested positive. The president has repeatedly downplayed the severity of the ongoing pandemic, ignoring the advice of his own medical advisers and encouraging states to prioritize their economies over lockdown measures practiced to stop the spread of the coronavirus. As recently as this week, Trump has been cited by a study at Cornell as a leading factor in misinformation related to the pandemic, potentially worsening its impact in the United States. Here's a look at some of the places Trump has been recently


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