These Photos Of Kids Saying Goodbye To RBG Are Breaking My Heart

The justice was an icon across generations.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last Friday, Sept. 18, at the age of 87. One of the first women to join the bench, she became a feminist icon in her later years, known for her fierce dissents. Mourners and members of the public have come to pay their respects to Ginsburg at the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, where her body is lying in state. Among the mourners are a notable number of children and young people, some dressed up like the justice, who have come to say goodbye.

A girl wearing an RGB shirt carries a gavel in front of the Supreme Court
Three girls carry signs saying RGB and may her legacy be a revolution
Three kids wear shirts that say Notorious RGB
A young person holds a sign saying Thank you RGB for everything from a queer american
A boy carries a sign that says dont let the ruthless replace ruths legacy
A girl dressed in a Supergirl costume pays her respects at the casket
A boy carries a book that says I dissent
A boy carries a sign that says I Dissent
A girl in a face mask and pearls holds a white rose
Two boys wearing lace collars salute next to their mom who is also wearing a lace collar
A girl is held by her mom, who is wearing a shirt with Ginsburg's face on it
Two girls holding American flags raise their fists in salute
A girl holds flowers while her dad hugs her
A girl in a wheelchair cries
A girl in judges robes with a sad mask stands in line
A girl holds flowers and a picture of Ginsburg
A boy in a flag cape walks in front of where Justice Ginsburg is lying in state

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