This Is What The Fall Of Kabul To The Taliban Looks Like

Photos show chaotic scenes at the airport and Taliban soldiers patrolling the streets.

Taliban recaptured the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Sunday after rapidly retaking much of the country following the departure of the nation's president and US forces. The Taliban released a statement on Twitter saying that they had entered the city to provide security and that foreign nationals would not face any danger. The US and other countries evacuated much of their personnel over the weekend, with chaotic and deadly scenes at the airport unfolding as thousands tried to flee.

The Taliban is getting back control of the country just ahead of the Aug. 31 deadline that President Joe Biden had set for the withdrawal of American troops, and after nearly 20 years of war.

Hundreds crowd the grass and tarmac at the airport
People behind barbed wire look out at planes and soldiers at the airport
Men are climbing a wall with barbed wire
An Afghan police officer with his head in his hands
Kakar, wearing a hijab, with tears in her eyes
Makeshift tents and children sleeping on the ground near their families
Men with their hands out gesture to a police officer
Taliban members with guns stand under a sign saying welcome to Kabul
Military equipment, helmets, flak jackets and ammunition is seen piled alongside the road next to Taliban fighters.
A group shot of Taliban fighters with guns at the presidential desk

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