9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we all needed a minute to look on the lighter side of things. The Great British Baking Show has started a new season, which is always an inspiration — remember when sheet cakes were the standard? Don't worry, we're here to remind you of how far we have come. Speaking of looking back, Disney World turns 50 years old down in Florida, and the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York, has an exhibition on the history of travel photography (and we have come very far in that realm indeed).

In so many ways, progress is still very badly needed: People are protesting in California, demanding that a gas company is held to account over a massive leak. In New York, people are in the streets as a continuation of the climate change strikes. Climate change is already having an effect around the country, but Reuters has managed to find a love story in the mix, profiling a couple who work on two sides of wildfire management.

Hobbies are an important way to stay grounded, and i-D magazine has a great look at how extremely talented photographers are using their iPhones to make art. Highsnobiety profiled Christian Hafer, who is helping to make golf cool again with his image-making. Finally, the AP has a feel-good story about unusual pets in Argentina.

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"A Reminder of What Cakes Looked Like Before Baking Shows Ruined Our Expectations Forever" — BuzzFeed News

Paris Hilton blows out the candles on her birthday cake during her birthday party at the GQ Lounge in Los Angeles

"In Love, but Apart, as They Fight Wildfires in the West" — Reuters Wider Image

Samsara Duffey relaxes with a cup of coffee at the Patrol Mountain Fire lookout

"5 Black Photographers Proving iPhone-Shot Images Can Be Art" — i-D Magazine

Person with a mesh head covering and bright garment partially covering their face; person with bright-colored pants and top in a field

"The Global Climate Strike Returns to the Streets of New York" — Vogue

Crowd of people, most wearing masks, hold up signs, with one person in the foreground with a loudspeaker

"SoCalGas Agrees to Pay Up to $1.8 Billion in Settlement for 2015 Aliso Canyon Gas Leak" — The Los Angeles Times

Person wearing a mask with "Shut Aliso Down" on it and signs saying "Shut It All Down"

"These Photos Show the Timeless Appeal of Travel and Tourism" — BuzzFeed News

Photographer Alvin Langdon Coburn standing at the edge of the rim at the Grand Canyon in 1911

"These Fun Old Photos Show the Early Days of the Most Magical Place on Earth" — BuzzFeed News

Goofy rides the Mad Tea Party Ride with children in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in 1972

"Christian Hafer Is the Photographer Helping Golf Get Its Swing Back" — Highsnobiety

Person playing golf with crowd looking on

"Some Argentines Turn to Unusual Pandemic Pets for Comfort" — AP Images

Woman stands at her kitchen counter preparing food as pig standing on its haunches leans against the counter with its snout on the counter

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