The Photos From Portland This Week Look Pretty Dystopian

Oregon is trying to put a restraining order on the federal government against its use of force after a week of protests where Portland moms and the mayor were teargassed.

The protests in Portland have made national headlines after it was reported that federal agents were detaining protesters without probable cause using unmarked cars. The demonstrations against racial inequality have been happening every night for the past two months, but a marked escalation has occurred in the past week. Mothers marched in support of demonstrators, and the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, joined the crowd at the federal courthouse on Wednesday night. Wheeler, who has been criticized in the past for his handling of the police department, was teargassed along with other protesters present. Attorneys representing Oregon have filed a restraining order against the federal agents, who were sent by the Trump administration without the consent of local authorities. Residents on the ground in Portland say the city is under siege not from protesters, but the federal government. These photos provide a glimpse into the demonstrations and the government's response.

A federal officer in camouflage, a helmet, and gas mask uses a baton to push back women wearing matching yellow shirts
A woman holds a yellow peace sign with others in the crowd wearing matching yellow shirts doing the same during a protest
A young Black woman protester speaks into a megaphone in front of a group of demonstrators carrying peace signs
A protester illuminated by a camera flash speaks with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler surrounded by a large crowd
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is surrounded by media and protesters at a demonstration at the justice center in Portland as some hold their phones in the air
Smoke, tear gas, and sparklers fill the sky as federal officers advance to disperse protesters
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler reacts after being exposed to tear gas. His eyes water and he lefts his arm to his face
Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters hold their phones aloft creating a sea of flashlights. Signs in the crowd read "BLM" and "Go Home Feds. Mama says so!"
A group of federal agents walk through tear gas with crowd control munition devices that look like guns to disperse protesters
Two federal officers in camouflage use pepper spray on a protester wearing a bike helmet
Two protesters flee through tear gas after federal officers dispersed a crowd using tear gas in Portland
A protester closes his eyes as water steams from them after tear gas was fired by federal officers during a demonstration
Protesters with gas masks rest against a homemade barrier during a demonstration in Portland
A federal officer points a weapon that looks like a gun but is used to fire less-lethal crowd control mechanisms towards a crowd that is unseen due to tear gas
A mother carrying a sign that says "I'm so disappointed in you — mom" marches with other demonstrators in Portland.
A woman in a yellow shirt and face mask faces off with a federal law enforcement officer, who pushes her back
A woman wearing a helmet that says "Momma" at the demonstrations in Portland
An older woman with a bandage on her head has blood stream down her face after being injured during a demonstration in Portland
An extreme close-up of a woman wearing a mask as she reacts to tear gas and her eyes water
A protester in a black mask that reads "BLM" applauds as they stare off camera
Moms in yellow shirts with interlocking arms stand between protesters and a fence blocking access to the entrance of the federal courthouse
Dozens of mothers in yellow shirts form a front line in a protest march in Portland. They hold signs reading "Black Lives Matter," "Feds out of PDX," and "Moms are here."
People kneel in front of federal marshals during a protest in Portland

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