Powerful Photos Show What The Kenosha Protests Have Really Looked Like

The demonstrations, which have mostly been peaceful, have resulted in the National Guard being called in after fires and incidents of property damage over the course of two nights in the Wisconsin city.

Protests calling for justice for Jacob Blake, a Black man who was shot by police in the back seven times, have rocked Kenosha, Wisconsin, for the past two days. Blake is in serious but stable condition. The demonstrations, which have largely been peaceful by day, have resulted in the National Guard being called in to restore order after fires and incidents of property damage have occurred at night. On Monday, the Kenosha police responded to taunts from the protesters with aggressive tactics to dispel crowds after an 8 p.m. curfew.

Kenosha is only the latest city to cry for a reckoning on police brutality and racial injustice, as protests have swept across the country this summer. Portland, Oregon; Atlanta; New York City; Washington, DC; and Minneapolis have all seen historic demonstrations this year, which started after George Floyd was killed in police custody in Minneapolis in May.

A large crowd of people walk down the street in the afternoon with signs
A white woman in a small group holds a sign saying "hold cops accountable"
A woman with a pink hijab speaks on a megaphone amidst a crowd
A black man from behind with his arms linked to other protesters faces off with police in riot gear in front of the courthouse
A white woman yells while linking arms with other protesters in front of a line of police in riot gear
A white police officer in riot gear and a face shield yells
Three people pound on a door with a larger crowd behind them
A woman holds her fist up in the air in front of a crowd of police
A shirtless Black man uses gestures with his pointer and middle finger raised to a line of police with a crowd next to him
Police use batons to push back a crowd
A man stands with a sign reading "stop police violence, black lives matter"
Two police in riot gear stand in front of a burning building
Spraypaint on the outside wall of the courthouse reads, "They kill us because they fear us. Honor the dead."
A woman holds a small American flag and a cardboard sign that says god + law + order
A protester with a sign that says "what if it was your kid!"

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