Some Photos Of Past Inauguration Parties As A Reminder That This Used To Be A Fun Event

I miss parties.

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President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dance during the inaugural ball, Jan. 21, 2013, in Washington, DC.

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Vice President Lyndon Johnson leans over first lady Jacqueline Kennedy to listen to President John Kennedy at the inaugural ball, Feb. 2, 1961.

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Former president Harry S. Truman takes part in a parade held for President John F. Kennedy's inauguration, 1961.

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A float from California passes by a crowd during the inaugural parade following President Richard Nixon's swearing-in, Jan. 20, 1969.

One of the Bush twins makes a "devil horns" symbol with one hand
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President George W. Bush and his daughters, Jenna and Barbara, smile at a crowd as they leave a ball on the eve of his inauguration in Washington, DC, Jan. 19, 2005.

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First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton waves onstage during the 1993 inaugural ball.

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President Lyndon Johnson dances with his wife, Lady Bird, at the 1965 inaugural ball.

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President Barack Obama dances with his first lady Michelle Obama as Beyoncé sings "At Last" during the 2009 inaugural ball.

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Diana Ross performs on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the inaugural events for President Bill Clinton, Jan. 17, 1993.

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Bill Clinton plays the saxophone during the 1993 inaugural ball.

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President Barack Obama dances at a celebration during his 2009 inauguration.

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President-elect George H.W. Bush gets his tonsils checked by grandchild Ellie LeBlond at a 1989 inaugural event at the Lincoln Memorial.

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President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan stand behind a lectern during the 1991 inaugural gala.

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President Jimmy Carter and first lady Rosalynn Carter greet supporters at the 1977 inaugural ball.

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First lady Barbara Bush tries on a sombrero given to her by granddaughter Noelle Bush during the 1989 inaugural ball.

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Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden wave after dancing during the 2013 inaugural ball.

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President George H.W. Bush, standing beside first lady Barbara Bush, smiles and waves to a crowd during the 1989 inaugural ball.

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President Lyndon B. Johnson stands with friends and family during the 1965 inauguration.

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Attendees of the inaugural ball rest on the steps of DC's Walter E. Washington Convention Center at the end of a night that featured 10 balls to celebrate the swearing-in of President Barack Obama in 2009.

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President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama at the 2009 Neighborhood Inaugural Ball.



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