Intense Photos Show What It Was Like As Trump Supporters Took Over The Capitol

Trump supporters attempted a coup on Wednesday, demanding Congress overturn the results of the 2020 election.

A man descends a staircase waving a red flag that says "Trump is my president"
A large crowd of Trump supporters, waving US flags and flags that say "Trump 2020" and "don't tread on me" stand behind a line of police officers, as seen through out-of-focus scaffolding in the foreground
Police officers talk to Trump supporters, including a shirtless man with a backpack who wears face paint and an animal hide with horns over his head
A man clutching a bible during a riot at the Capitol
Trump supporters at the Capitol building while the sun sets.
Man in Trump paraphernalia walking up stairs of the Capitol.
Man in a trump helmet in the dark outside the Capitol
Rioter struggling with police

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