These Photos Show How The Oldest State Park In California Has Been Destroyed By Fire

Big Basin Park, which was founded in 1902, has been wiped out by the CZU wildfire.

California is having a tough time with a heat wave, rolling blackouts, and wildfires (not to mention the pandemic) all converging in an unholy alliance. There are over 500 fires blazing across the state, with the Bay Area is hit especially hard.

The CZU Lightning Complex Fire is part of series of wildfires in Northern California that combined have burned more than 770,000 acres and blamed for five deaths. The CZU fire alone has burned 55,000 acres as of Friday and was 0% contained after being sparked by lightning on Aug. 17.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park, which was founded in 1902 and is the oldest park in California, has been hit particularly hard. Park structures and nearby houses have been destroyed, and some of the redwoods were damaged. Rangers have also had difficulty accessing parts of the park to assess other damage due to continued fire risk, Chris Spohrer, the local district superintendent for state parks, told the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Here's a look at some of the damage to the historic from the past few days.

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