Dramatic Photos Show The Devastating Aftermath Of The Beirut Explosion

The blast at Beirut's port on Aug. 4 left dozens dead and thousands of people injured and homeless.

A helicopter douses flames and smoke next to a grain silo
Black smoke rises into the air behind a destroyed grain silo, where a crowd of men in masks stand in shock following an explosion
A shirtless man puts his hands on his head amid a field of debris
A man with a bandage on his head and blood running down the left side of his face points away while standing in front of debris
Two women and a man run down a street covered with debris.
A man carries an injured girl on the back of a motorcycle, as another man tries to help
A group of people wheel an injured woman, bleeding from her eye, in an office chair down the street
A woman in a red shirt covers her eye, her face, shirt, and arm covered in blood as she walks down the street
A man in a striped shirt and a mask carries a person with a leg injury down a crowded street with the help of a Lebanese soldier in uniform
A woman holds her children, who have blood on them, while waiting outside the hospital

An injured woman lies on the ground and a man with a leg injury sits behind her outside the hospital while a doctor talks to them
Three doctors in white coats stand over an injured man lying on the ground

Soldiers block the doors to the hospital as a crowd forms
An injured man sits outside under red and white lights at night while a rescue worker examines his bandaged head
A woman sits on a chair at night on a street covered in glass and debris
Cars are buried in rubble and buildings destroyed on a street at night
Two soldiers search in a destroyed house for survivors with a flashlight at night
Three men in fatigues and T-shirts dig through a massive pile of rubble
A young man walks an old woman down a destroyed street
A man with a bandaged head sits in the middle of a destroyed street
An office with broken glass and debris everywhere

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