7 Photo Stories To Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Hopefully you are full of delicious food and basking in the glow of good times spent with people you love. This week, we took a poignant look at how older adults are surviving the pandemic in a beautiful visual essay by Rachel Wisniewski — a fair warning, it's a feelings roller coaster. At the opposite end of life, but equally moving, we spoke with Karen Marshall about her long-coming photo book about friendship among women. And Liam Woods brings us back to the present with colorful portraits of their friends for Them.

We are officially in the final slide toward the end of the year, and Time magazine is leading the charge with its list of the best photos of the year. This has been an especially tough year for La Palma in the Canary Islands, which is now partially buried in volcanic ash — the Atlantic has a sobering roundup of photos from the slow-moving disaster. We spoke with Matt Black about his indelible photos of poverty in America and the photo book that he produced on the subject.

Finally, a new exhibition that is now online challenges the narratives around Native American life and is well worth a look.

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"Senior Year: How Residents of One Senior Facility Are Making It Through the Pandemic" — BuzzFeed News

Two older women in wheelchairs holding hands in front of a backdrop

"This Book Captures 30 Years of Friendship Between a Group of Women" — BuzzFeed News

Two young women watch a third light a cigarette

"The Top 100 Photos of 2021" — TIME

An older woman clutching her chest as the landscape burns in the background

"A New Photo Exhibition Challenges Assumptions About Native Americans" — BuzzFeed News

"One Photographer Captures the Beauty of Their Trans Friends"Them

"Buried in Volcanic Ash, Scenes From the Canary Islands" — The Atlantic

"These Unforgettable Images of Poverty Challenge the Idea of the American Dream" — BuzzFeed News

Correction: Rachel Wisniewski's last name was misspelled and the incorrect pronouns were used for Liam Woods in a previous version of this post.

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