9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

It is Halloween weekend! Hope you're getting up to some spooky fun — we enjoyed Matt McClain's quest for Edgar Allan Poe in the Washington Post. In serious news, as trials continue related to the Jan. 6 insurrection and begin for violent acts in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Charlottesville, Virginia, nothing could be more relevant than Mel D. Cole's book on protests in America. Our interview with him is pretty indelible, so check it out. Jill Greenberg spent four years embedded with the NYPD in the 1970s, and her images in the New Yorker show how much has changed — and how much has not. In Gambia, the Kankurang, a fearsome spirit that teaches order and justice and wards off evil, is an important part of the initiation rites of boys, according to Leo Correa at the Associated Press.

Andrew Kung contemplates what Asian pride looks like in a touching photo story for i-D magazine, and Phillip Picardi spoke with us about which images — spanning everything from Teen Vogue to tarot cards — influenced his life and his career. Legendary royal photographer Chris Jackson lifts the veil on the two decades he spent documenting the most famous monarch of our time in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Rosalind Fox Solomon is an inspiration, and her sharp interview with Vulture about how photographs are a conversation between moment and viewer is incredibly thought-provoking. On the other side of the world, Hannah Reyes Morales’s photos of the complicated intersection of whale sharks and tourism in the Philippines are truly beautiful, especially as we go into the COP26 climate summit (much more on that in our photo newsletter — don't forget to subscribe!).

"A Photographer Captures American Protests — and Iconic Images From Jan. 6" — BuzzFeed News

A crowd of protestors wearing masks and with their phones and fists up cross the Brooklyn Bridge in New York

"Please Don't Feed the Whale Sharks? Fishing Town Says It Must to Prosper" — The New York Times

Two whales seen underwater beneath a man in a boat on the surface

"On the Trail of Edgar Allan Poe" — The Washington Post

A mural on a building of Edgar Allan Poe with a woman walking by

"These Are the Iconic Magazine Covers That Defined a Teen Vogue Editor’s Career" — BuzzFeed News

A shirtless man in leather pants and leather boots sitting in a chair in an empty room

"Royal Photographer Chris Jackson's New Book Celebrates 20 Years Behind the Scenes With the Queen" — Vanity Fair

The Queen of England with Camilla pets a horse in a stable

"The Depth Is in the Pictures, Not What I Say About Them" — Vulture

An older woman wearing glasses sits on the stairs behind a railing, surrounded by dolls

"In Gambia, Kankurang Initiation Rite Teaches Boys" — AP Images

A person in traditional dress holding machetes

"Four Years Embedded With the N.Y.P.D." — The New Yorker

A man laughing in the back of a police car with a cop driving

"Photos Celebrating Asian American Pride" — i-D Magazine

Two older people lying down embracing with their eyes closed on a blanket outside

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