8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we commemorated the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death, which comes right before the centennial anniversary of the Tulsa massacre. The two events are heavy, but it’s important to acknowledge both. Bearing witness is crucial for change — and not just as it relates to racism. On the other side of the world, photographers are risking their lives to show the anti-coup movement in Myanmar, as covered by Mother Jones.

In lighter news, i-D magazine profiles photographer Rodrigo Oliveira, whose work documents Black queer joy in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, and Aperture magazine speaks to the organizers of See in Black about how they affirm Black life. With the unofficial start of summer, we rounded up the archive of Slim Aarons, which has been used as inspiration for every preppy lifestyle ad campaign for the past 60 years. The Studio Likeness team has been looking for smiles in everyday objects throughout the pandemic, and the resulting project is a true delight. And finally, Reuters looks ahead to how Tokyo is preparing for the Summer Olympics, which is somehow happening in a few weeks.

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"21 Heartbreaking Pictures From the Aftermath of the Tulsa Massacre" — BuzzFeed News

Black smoke billows from fires during the Tulsa massacre in the Greenwood District, June 1921
Historical / Corbis via Getty Images

"Powerful Photos Show How George Floyd Is Being Remembered One Year After His Death" — BuzzFeed News

Courteney Ross, the fiancé of George Floyd, hugs Toshira Garraway during a remembrance event and call for justice for those who lost loved ones to police violence outside the Minnesota State Capitol on May 24, 2021, in St. Paul
Kerem Yucel / AFP via Getty Images

"The Brazilian Photographer Capturing Black Queer Joy in Rio’s Favelas" — i-D Magazine

Two people stand close together and kiss each other's shoulder, and a person stands facing away from the camera
Rodrigo Oliveira

"Need Some Summer Inspiration? Look No Further Than These Vintage Photos." — BuzzFeed News

Four people in a rowboat in a pool
Slim Aarons / Getty Images

"This Series Finds Faces in Everyday Objects" — Wallpaper

socks and underwear make a face on the floor
Studio Likeness

"From the Streets of Tokyo, 22 Residents Weigh Up the Olympic Games" — Reuters Wider Image

A man stands in front of a store as he holds his hands together
Kim Kyung-hoon / Reuters

"How a Collective of Photographers Aims to Affirm Black Life" — Aperture Magazine

A woman sits while a hairdresser braids her hair
Kreshonna Keane

This article originally appeared in Aperture, issue 242, “New York,” under the title “Seeing in Black.”



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