8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we spent a lot of time recovering from the news of last week, and part of that meant starting with the basics — exploring what it means to be at home, what it means to have a body, a legacy.

Naomieh Jovin took the time to talk with us about how photography helped her overcome shame, while Julie Blackmon has been using her photos to process what the present moment of unending weirdness feels like. The Smithsonian has a truly great roundup of photo books that includes a robust sneak peek of images for each title.

The AP has terrifying photos of the aftermath of a volcanic eruption in the Philippines that feel apocalyptic. As a bit of escapism, we highly recommend delving into the street photography of Ruth Orkin with the Guardian. Joshua Kissi is looking forward to a bright future in portraiture in an interview with W Magazine, while Moises Saman is looking back at the activists from the Arab Spring and how they are still fighting for freedom.

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"A Haitian American Photographer on Family, Body Image, and the Legacy of Immigration" — BuzzFeed News

Naomieh Jovin

"The 10 Best Photo Books of 2020" — Smithsonian Magazine

Diana Markosian / Aperture

"These Photos of Life With Kids Are Pure Chaos" — BuzzFeed News

Julie Blackmon

"A Decade After the Arab Spring, These Activists Are Finding a New Way to Fight for Progress" — TIME Magazine

Moises Saman for TIME

"Joshua Kissi Is Changing the Pecking Order of Old-School Photography" — W Magazine

Joshua Kissi

"Emerald Arguelles's Work Is a Celebration of Black Lives" — The Washington Post

Emerald Arguelles

"Only Ash, Shells of Homes Left on Volcano Island" — AP Images

Aaron Favila / AP

"American Girl Behind the Camera: The Pioneering Work of Ruth Orkin" — The Guardian

Ruth Orkin via Bonhams