7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we finally published a long-in-coming visual investigation into all the people who are involved in caregiving for gunshot victims. As gun violence rates rise with warmer weather, we wanted to take a look at the frontline workers who are most affected. It turns out there are a lot of them — don't miss this gorgeous project by James Sprankle.

We explored the realities of having an abortion in the United States, a topic that is more heated on screens and in the streets than in the actual exam room. Reuters also did a poignant dive into the daily hustle of one doctor who travels to make sure that women can receive the care they need.

On a much lighter note, CNN's interview with celebrity photographer David Yarrow is a delight, and we are grateful to both the Guardian, for bringing us the best food photos, and the Atlantic, for bringing us to the streets of Carnival. Finally, our intern exceeded all expectations with his thoughtful and thorough oral history of the legacy of the LA riots, which happened 30 years ago this week.

"One Bullet Can Kill, but It Takes More Than 100 People to Save a Gunshot Victim's Life" — BuzzFeed News

Headshots of various medical professionals

"Food Photographer of the Year 2022 — in Pictures" — The Guardian

A man calmly cooks kebabs on skewers while surrounded by smoke

"As U.S. Abortion Access Wanes, This Doctor Travels To Fill a Void" — Reuters Wider Image

Two people in surgical gowns and masks work on a patient

"Many Abortion Images Are Misleading or Manipulative. These Photos Show the Reality." — BuzzFeed News

A figure in a hoodie sits in a waiting room where a TV is showing news coverage

"30 Years Ago, the LA Riots Changed the Lives of These 6 People" — BuzzFeed News

A man sits on the stoop of a house while a woman leans on the railing

"Wildlife and Celebrity Photographer Reveals Secrets Behind Most Iconic Shots" — CNN

A husky sets its paws on the windshield of a convertible from the passenger seat and Cindy Crawford watches from the driver's seat while a man with a shotgun and an eyepatch stands behind them in the doorway of a building marked "Saloon"

"Carnival Parades Return in Brazil" — The Atlantic

A person wearing face paint, bright contact lenses, and a large feathered headdress

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