A Look At The New Nightlife In New York City During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With nonessential businesses closed and people ordered to stay home, the city that never sleeps has dramatically slowed down.

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Nightlife in New York has long been legendary, but it has never looked like this. Other than people who are homeless, the few individuals out at night are walking dogs or delivering food and packages. Bars, restaurants, and clubs that fuel the typical overnight energy are closed everywhere. The camaraderie and community spirit that have gotten New Yorkers through other disasters and tragedies are now reduced to nightly shows of support for health care workers by clapping from windows and staying away from strangers who might otherwise become friends.

Dina Litovsky explored lower Manhattan over the course of a week as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded and amplified around her. The newfound quiet allowed for her to more closely observe the human tableaus taking shape behind the lit-up windows and on street corners during her nightly walks — and resulted in a series of enigmatic and beautiful scenes of the city.

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