29 Powerful Scenes From The Protests Over George Floyd's Death

From Minneapolis to Los Angeles, thousands of people across the US took to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd.

On Monday, George Floyd died begging for breath while a Minneapolis police officer used a knee chokehold on his neck for eight minutes. Police said they took Floyd into custody after being called about reports of a forgery. A video of his death went viral. On Tuesday, four police officers involved in the arrest were fired, but the officer seen crushing Floyd's neck was not arrested.

Protests against police brutality and the Minneapolis Police Department have escalated over the past three days. Demonstrators overtook the Third Precinct on Thursday night, and the National Guard was called in after significant property damage. Protests against police brutality and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement have also erupted in Los Angeles, New York, Memphis, Denver, and Louisville.

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