23 Photos That Show How People Supported Their Party At Political Conventions

In the Before times, when conventions used to be in person, people used to go all out on hats and balloons....

A group of women with ribbons reading dewey sit around a photo of presidential candidate Thomas Dewey
A donkey with a sign that says smile next to a group of kids, most of whom are not smiling
Middle aged women in pantsuits with signs that say I Like Dick
Women wearing ribbons that say Kennedy and buttons that have the face of JFK
A group of white people in white shirts with signs that say We Love You Ron
A giant donkey wearing a hat and a lot of people with signs celebrating
Two women in bell bottoms and bikini tops
An older woman wearing a hat that has Eeyore on top
Buttons that say America First and Trump
An older man wtih a hat that has an elephant on top that says bush  gives the thumbs up
High heeled lace up red white and blue heels
A woman with obama buttons and a small donkey on her hat
A man on a phone amidst a sea of balloons
A woman in red white and blue

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