These Photos Show How Overwhelming Northern California's Dixie Fire Is

The Dixie fire, the largest active wildfire in the US, has already destroyed a town in California.

A firefighter stands in a smoky intersection in front of a destroyed two-story building

The Dixie fire, which has become the largest active wildfire in the US, is just 21% contained as of Sunday, according to CalFire. It has been burning for over two weeks. On Wednesday, it tore through downtown Greenville, California, destroying much of the small gold rush town.

Here's a look at the devastation of the second largest wildfire in California history.

A hollowed-out two-story building is surrounded by flames, rubble, and a destroyed car
A sign for Greenville Gas Mart is surrounded by a fire under a smoky sky
A two-story home with trucks and recreational vehicles parked outside is surrounded by a forest fire
A car, tree, and home all ablaze at night
A destroyed brick building is surrounded by fire and debris
A man rubs his eye in the driveway of his home, where two "thin red line" and "thin blue line" flags hang
A fire retardant paste covers a garage door and the surrounding walls
The paint is cracked and warped on a crossing sign and a marker that reads "Main Street," surrounded by destroyed buildings and rubble
A helicopter flying through a smoky sky over a forest carries a pouch of water below it
Ash covers thin tree trunks in a forest
A person reclines in a chair with the cap over their head amid a desolate downtown area
Hand-drawn signs read "Thank you fire heroes"
The inside of a car is destroyed, parked among desolation and burned-out debris
A building without windows or a roof is surrounded by debris under a smoky sky

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