These Photos Show The Extensive Damage Caused By The Deadly Tennessee Floods

At least 22 people were killed after flash floods in Tennessee this weekend. Others are still missing.

People stand and point amid rubble of collapsed buildings
A man looks into a house where the picture window is broken with an askew sofa leaning through it
A man walks out of a house covered in mud with a spray-painted X on the door
A woman places photos on their front lawn to dry
An aerial view of Waverly shows blocks of destroyed buildings and flooding
People walk through a dirt road where pavement and debris from collapsed homes litter the ground
A man stands in waist-deep water on a flooded road, pushing a rod-like instrument below the surface
A man stands in a destroyed store by a wall with a flood mark at eye level
Aisles of candy and snacks are bare and toppled over in a flooded convenience store
A man standing in a muddy field looks off-camera at the wreckage of a building
Two men stand inside a brick house with two perpendicular walls missing, bricks and concrete blocks scattered on the ground
A woman stands by the doorway of a child's nursery with a muddy floor
A shed with a destroyed wall leans beside a bridge into a creek
People in military uniforms stand near a site where cars are piled on top of each other, spray-painted with an X
People's belongings, including furniture, clothes, and pillows, sit near a sidewalk

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