8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

One of the most exciting, and hardest, parts of good photography projects is figuring out how to frame the everyday in a way that resonates with others. Willis, a photographer in Atlanta who goes by "TrapLanta," does this on Instagram using matter-of-fact images of his neighborhood coupled with seemingly unrelated text that causes the viewer to think more critically about what they are looking at. Gloria Wong's work delicately explores the Asian diaspora that settled in Canada, while Chris Maggio checks in on how unused offices are doing, which feels like entering a living time capsule (unless you're an office plant, RIP). We take a look back at how the US Postal Service has attempted to get mail to every single person in the country every day, an impressive feat involving everything from skis to boats to the efforts of many resilient mail carriers.

CNN has an impressive visual timeline of the election so far, starting way back in the primaries and including a look at how the pandemic and the resurgent civil rights movement have influenced the campaigns. Speaking of campaigns, the conventions of yesteryear used to be pretty wild, with hats that rival the derby (and beat out any royal wedding). For more photo talk, be sure to sign up for our photo newsletter, JPG, which comes out every Sunday with interviews and photo exclusives.

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