15 Stunning Portraits Of Brazil’s Fastest-Growing Demographic: The Elderly

Photographer Bruno Mancinelle examines the shifting demographics in Brazil, where the country’s youthful image is undercut by the fact that its population of senior citizens is booming.

Bruno Mancinelle's series elegantly examines the shifting demographics in Brazil. Mancinelle’s portraits are touching, and explore a demographic that is the fastest growing but often overlooked in the popular image of Brazil as a botoxed, ageless, beach-going country. The images were accompanied by some startling facts:

According to the World Health and Aging Report, the number of people older than 60 in the country is expected to grow much faster than the international average: While the number of elderly will double worldwide by the year 2050, it will almost triple in Brazil.

While the life expectancy of Brazilians is increasing, the country's birth rate has been declining. For more than 15 years, births in Brazil are below the "replacement rate" — that is, couples on average are having less than two children. Meanwhile, people are living longer. The result of this equation is a very rapid shift in the proportion of elderly people in the country.

While countries such as France took over a century to become aged countries, in Brazil this process is happening in the span of a few decades.

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