Here's The Fall Schedule For Network Television

Maybe your new favorite show will be here? Here's hoping!

There's never been less stability in network television. The ad model is dying, crazy shit is happening at CBS, and no one knows what will become of Fox after Disney's presumed purchase of its parent company, 21st Century Fox, which will separate it from its own studio. Will it still exist as we know it in a year, or in five? No one knows!

But hey! It was the broadcasters' upfront presentations to advertisers, during which ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and the CW unveiled their fall schedules, picked up their new shows, and canceled or renewed this season's offerings. They go through this ritual every year to lure advertisers into buying time for commercials "upfront," and at a discounted price. It's betting, basically. And betting is fun.

Maybe some of these new shows will be fun, too? You never know. Based on history, a whole bunch of them will be canceled. A few might shift around as well. But also based on history, there will be a few good ones.

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