New Bruce Jenner Interview Promo: “My Whole Life Has Been Getting Me Ready For This"

The new teaser for the Diane Sawyer interview has a tiny bit more information in it than the first one.

ABC News and Diane Sawyer have a huge special to promote in their two-hour Bruce Jenner interview, which will air on April 24. But it's proving to be difficult to do: How do you advertise a coming-out conversation without outing the person? The first teaser for the interview, released last week, didn't even show Jenner's face.

In this second promo, released on Tuesday, we finally hear from Jenner: "My whole life has been getting me ready for this."

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As first reported by BuzzFeed News in February, Jenner will discuss transitioning with Sawyer. The former track star, who in recent years has been introduced to a new generation as the stepparent of the Kardashians, will open up about what the gossip press has (sometimes cruelly) chronicled without confirmation: that Jenner is transgender.

Jenner has also been filming a docuseries for E!, one that the channel has not announced, and still won't confirm. The gold medalist's journey will by far be the most high-profile story of transitioning that viewers have ever seen.