This Pet Raccoon's Haircut On His Back Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Meet Uni, your new favorite raccoon style icon.

So dogs with perfectly round or square haircuts are pretty cute. But this 2-year-old raccoon from Taiwan is truly next level.

His name is Uni and he has a FREAKING DOG PAW on his back.

Uni's owner, 33-year-old Joyce Tai, told BuzzFeed News that he gets a shave once a year, when he goes to get vaccinated.

Facebook: uniraccoon

She said raccoons are usually shaved entirely during the procedure, but she and the pet groomer decided to have some fun by styling Uni's fur, which also helps with the summer heat. Last year it was a heart.

Tai said Uni's curious fur color, which she said was "cinnamon," may be a case of leucism and not albinism.

Facebook: uniraccoon

Leucism is a condition where an animal experiences a partial loss of pigmentation in its skin and hair, giving it a white or pale appearance.

"He was quite ugly when he was young," Tai said.

Joyce Tai
Joyce Tai

She bought Uni in 2014 from a friend of a friend, having chosen him as he was the only male raccoon out of three others. It is legal to own a raccoon as a pet in Taiwan.

Tai runs a Facebook page for Uni where he has over 4,000 fans. People are absolutely loving his latest haircut.

Facebook: uniraccoon

"Does Uni feel like he's been stepped on after his shave?"

Facebook: uniraccoon

"OMG, it is so cute! I want to bury my face in it."

Facebook: uniraccoon

"It's so cute that it actually cannot get any cuter."

Uni's photos ended up going viral on Chinese social networking site Weibo.

“Due to the hot temperatures, a pet owner in Taiwan has helped shave her raccoon’s fur and made it into a paw as well… Looks like someone stepped on it!"

And then viral again on Twitter, being retweeted over 20,000 times. Way to go, Uni!

Tai said she was not aware that the latest photos of Uni had attracted so much attention online.

Joyce Tai

"I'm just a normal working-class person who wants to share photos of Uni with others to bring them some joy," she said.