This Travel Company Had The Best Response To Its Website Suggesting A 47-Year Layover


James Lloyd, a 25-year-old from Lincolnshire, England, was planning a trip to New Zealand on travel website Skyscanner when he noticed something a little off about the flight itinerary.

Lloyd told BuzzFeed News that he found the "patently obvious" glitch to be "quite funny" and thought it was worth pointing out to Skyscanner.

He then posted a screenshot of the suggested itinerary to the company's Facebook page, asking them for recommendations for things to do during the 47-year layover.

Lloyd said he was not expecting any substantive response to his post, but "Jen at Skyscanner" was more than happy to oblige.

Honestly, Jen handled it like a pro.

And needless to say, people are absolutely in love with her.

Lloyd said he did not expect his post to blow up, but said it was "very much down to Skyscanner Jen".

Jen later wrote in a comment that the 47-year layover was "a glitch/bit of display code that went wonky", adding that it had been fixed.

You the real MVP, Jen. 👏

UPDATE - A spokesperson for Skyscanner told BuzzFeed News that they never imagined their response would resonate with people so much.

“Being able to respond to travellers' comments and building relations is key for us and we’re lucky to have a great team supporting this," they said. "Jen’s light-hearted response has shown that brands can be human and we are very proud to be #teamjen."

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