An Art Student Stuck A Piece Of Spaghetti In A Wacom Pen And Somehow It Worked

It actually works.

This is Brittany Botelho, an 18-year-old self-taught digital painter from Dallas, Texas.

Botelho was recently cooking spaghetti when she decided to use uncooked spaghetti in place of a Wacom digital pen nib.

She took a photo and tweeted it, prompting everyone to ask a single, very important question.

The answer, it turned out, was yes, and Botelho uploaded a video to prove it.

@ChrisCDesign Sorry if you can hear my breathing I have a stuffie nose

"I was boiling noodles for pasta, and after I just kinda took a broken noodle and shoved it in my Wacom pen for a meme but then it actually worked," Botelho told BuzzFeed News.

She said she thinks the spaghetti nib "works pretty well," and that she has used it a few times since to test while painting for fun.

For example, she used it on the face and hair and most of the details on this drawing.

Art students everywhere felt indebted to her.

Some praised her creativity.

And called her a hero.

Botelho said the responses to her tweet have been really funny, "especially the people getting overly excited because they're a broke artist as well."

She added that she has made a few friends because of the tweet.

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