People Can't Stop Talking About This Hot Olympic Swimmer

For a really good reason. A super good reason.

This is Ning Zetao.

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Ning is a 23-year-old professional swimmer and part of China's Olympic swim team.

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He is also super hot.

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Like, really hot.

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And he is super popular on Chinese social media.

Ning's fans regularly express their fondness of the swimmer via his Weibo account. On Monday, Ning posted a photo of himself trying out the Olympic pool in Rio.

"Arrived at the Olympic village today, came to test out the water temperatures tonight before I find time to learn from masters from other countries. I'll start private classes once I return to China and teach the unique skill of getting an eight-pack!"

His followers took this opportunity to praise him for everything but his athletic skills.

"Be careful, the water is poisonous. I'm just reminding you because you're handsome."

"How much for tuition a month? I want to enroll."

"I want a one-on-one lesson! Even though I can't afford it, I can pay with my body!"

Some of them seemed kind of concerned for his safety at the games.

"I don't ask for anything, just come back safely."

"Safety is the most important, waiting for you to come back."

"Safety first! Competition second!! Quick, come back and teach me!!"

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Most were just happy to see him with his shirt off.

"I can't believe there is a man in the world who is so suited to not wearing clothes."

"I've fallen over. I need to touch your abs to get up."

"Move aside, I want to be the goggles that are inside his mouth!!"

"Your height is really suitable for putting up shower curtains. My shower curtains have fallen down and I can't reach, can you come and help me?"

Just in case you were wondering, Ning will be competing in the men's 50-meter freestyle and 100-meter freestyle...

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