This RA Read A Freshman A Bedtime Story For His Birthday And Became An Incredibly Pure Meme

The story was Leo the Late Bloomer.

Back in August last year, 19-year-old Andrew Kochamba started at the University of Tennessee. His RA handed out a form asking residents for their information and if there was anything he could do to make their years better.

Knowing that his RA, Quamir Boddie, had a sense of humor, Kochamba wrote that he wanted Boddie to read him a bedtime story on his birthday.

Now fast forward to 9 p.m. on Kochamba's birthday on Feb. 23.

"Q knocked on the door, rocking his PJs and a copy of the classic Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus," Kochamba said. "I got all situated, and Q stood on top of my desk chair and read."

"At the time, I could not have imagined how meaningful this encounter would be; I could not have fathomed the impact it would have on the two of us," Boddie said. "Andrew was so engaged and interactive as I read to him, and that is all that really mattered to me."

People were big fans of Boddie's wholesome gesture.

Someone then predicted that Boddie would become a meme.

And sure enough...

"I never ever in a million years would have thought I would be a meme," Boddie said. "I did not think I did anything that would warrant it."

He added that he thought it was the "most hilarious thing ever."

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