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This Puppy Fetching Her Crying Owner A Napkin Is Proof We Don't Deserve Dogs

They are too good for us.

Posted on December 30, 2016, at 5:53 a.m. ET

This is Lovelace, a pure bred Maltese from California.

Mayrelyn Phan

She’s super considerate.

Lovelace’s owner, Mayrelyn Phan, told BuzzFeed News she was watching the TV show The OA when she started sniffling and tearing up.

“I had a tissue just laying on my bed, and Lovelace went over to get it and came back to give it to me,” Phan said.

“I guess teaching her fetch became a fun game and maybe she just wanted to play fetch with a napkin,” she said.

Phan said whenever she is sad or in a bad mood, Lovelace always lies next to her instead of “acting crazy like she is sometimes.”

Mayrelyn Phan

“This morning, she was sleeping with me, and when my dad came to take her out to pee, she went under my blankets to hide just to stay with me,” Phan said.

Phan said she did not expect her tweet to receive such a huge response.

Mayrelyn Phan

“I woke up to hundreds of people liking my tweet,” she said. “I was confused and shocked.”

The tweet has since been retweeted more than 3,000 times.

It's even led others to send Phan photos of their dogs.


Mayrelyn Phan

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