These Photos Of Beautiful Dresses Around The World Are Absolutely Breathtaking


Kristina Makeeva is a photographer from Moscow who captures women in dresses in some of the world's most beautiful places.

Her Instagram account is followed by more than half a million people.

She's traveled all over the world, from Turkey... France... the Philippines.

She's even worked with Nataly Osmann, one half of the famous #FollowMeTo couple.

Makeeva told BuzzFeed News she came up with the idea for the project because she wanted to show "how a person and his creations can organically fit into the beauty of this world."

She said she doesn't really pick models and instead focuses on how the dresses complement the background.

The dresses are sometimes sent to her by designers, but other times they are rented or sewn especially, Makeeva said.

Makeeva then edits her photos using a combination of Photoshop, Camera RAW, and VSCOCam.

Each shoot takes around half an hour maximum, she said.


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