This Japanese Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament Is Probably The Most Intense Thing You've Ever Seen

Holy shit.

Every year, Japanese idol group AKB48 holds a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, when its 100-plus members compete to be part of the lineup for the group’s next single.

i have concluded that this is one of the greatest videos on the internet

A video of this year's final showdown between two team members went viral online this week, being retweeted more than 31,000 times.

AKB48 was formed in 2005 to be a girl group that fans could actually meet.

This year, the final showdown was between AKB48 members Yumoto Ami.

And Tanabe Miku.

The two beat 95 other members to get to the final.

And holy shit, when Miku won...

Things got wild.

The audience didn't know whether to clap...

Or cry...




People online could not stop watching the video.

And had all sorts of feelings about it.

An argument even broke out about rock and paper.