This Dude Got Everyone In His Class 100% Quiz Grades With An Insane Paper Ball Toss


Organic chemistry can be pretty difficult, but everyone in this chem class at Ohio State University automatically got a 100 on their first quiz thanks to this guy.

S/o to Benny for making this shot and getting the entire lecture an automatic 100 on our first ochem quiz

The video, shot by another student Rachel Brown, has since gone viral, having been retweeted almost 97,000 times.

He took aim...

...then threw it... the balcony...

...all the way...

...across the lecture hall...

...and into the trash can.

Then he sat back down.


Brown said the professor had thrown a paper ball up in the balcony to demonstrate "donating a proton" while reviewing acid base chemistry.

The professor then offered – as he does every year – to give the entire class a 100 on the first quiz if the person who he threw the ball to could toss it into the trash can, she said.

Brown said she did not expect the student – whose name she originally misheard as Benny – to make the shot.

Brown said the professor was also "really excited" for the students and was cheering with them.

"He emphasized that we have to still show up for recitation to get the 100 on the quiz but he was happy for us," she said.

She said she only filmed the video because the professor said someone made the shot last year for the first time but no one had a video.

Brown said she did not expect her video to become so popular. She had initially shared the video in a group chat for her sorority pledge class and only posted it to Twitter after her friend told her to.

People have since identified the student as Vinny Forte.

@yo_rochelle awkward moment when his name is Vinny. @vinny_forte

He was immediately hailed as a hero.

It made people pretty emotional.

And wishing they had their own Vinny.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Forte to 1) make sure he is really the amazing paper ball thrower, and 2) find out more about his incredible shooting skills.

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