This Cat Named Dog Works At The Fish Market And People Love Him

"I would lay down my life for him!!!!!!"

This is Dog, a cat who lives in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

Dog's Vietnamese name is Chó, and he's 3 years old.

Dog's kind of a big deal in Hai Phong, where he spends a lot of time at the local market helping the fish vendors.

A tweet with photos of Dog went viral this week, gaining more than 19,000 retweets.

Let's meet the most famous cat in Vietnam atm. His name is Chó (meaning "Dog" in Vietnamese) and he's a fish vendor. He loves wearing costumes too.

Dog's owner, 25-year-old Lê Quốc Phong, told BuzzFeed News that Dog is "a friendly guy," and Phong said he likes to take funny pictures of Dog.

Phong said that because they live close to the market, he decided to dress Dog up in Phong's favorite outfit and take some photos.

Phong said Dog is quite popular at the market and everyone knows him.

"It was really hot the day I adopted Dog and he was breathing like a dog, so that's how he got his name," Phong said.

Everyone loves Dog.

And are ready to lay down their lives for him.

"My goal is to make Dog famous," Phong said. "I want to promote Dog in Vietnam for people to know more about our country."

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