This Boy Who Started A Fire During An Anti-Trump Protest Has Gone Viral

"My name's Connor, and I actually kind of started this fire."

Amid anti-Trump protests in Washington, a young boy has emerged as a viral sensation after he appeared on Fox News claiming responsibility for lighting a fire.

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In the segment, Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins is interviewing people outside the DeploraBall — an alt-right and pro-Trump rally — where anti-Trump protests, and a small fire, had broken out.

Jenkins makes his way to the scene of the fire and interviews a boy, who says his name is Connor and that he "actually kind of started this fire."

Jenkins then asks Connor why he started the fire, but incorrectly refers to him as Carter. Connor corrects him by saying, "Um, it's Connor."

Connor then says he started the fire "because I felt like it, and I'm just saying 'Screw our President.'"

The clip of Connor quickly went viral on Twitter.

People noted his confidence...

His choice of words...

And especially that moment he corrected the reporter.

Connor may have lit a fire beneath a political movement.

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