A Swedish TV Show Said Chinese Tourists Poop In Public And People Are Pissed

The program also told Chinese tourists that if they "see a person with their dog on the street, this does not mean they have just bought their lunch."

A satirical Swedish TV show has caused an uproar in China after it aired a segment last week mocking Chinese tourists.

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The episode of Svenska Nyheter, hosted by Jesper Rönndahl, aired on SVT on Saturday and included a sketch — dubbed over in Mandarin Chinese — "welcoming" Chinese tourists to Sweden.

In the video, a woman lists a few "tips for Chinese tourists to avoid culture clash," with the first being: "In Sweden, we don't take a shit outside historical heritage sites."

"If you see a person with their dog on the street, this does not mean they have just bought their lunch," the woman goes on.

"We use knives and forks to eat in Sweden," she says. "And we don't take a shit when we are eating."

"The other cultural difference is that you Chinese people are racist," the woman then says.

"But in Sweden, we have black people, Jewish people, Arabs, and even homosexuals," she says.

"Because we support the principle of every person's right to equality," she adds.

"However, we do not apply this principle to Chinese people," she says.


The video then ends with the woman saying that Sweden warmly welcomes its Chinese friends to the kingdom but will spank the Chinese people if they misbehave.

The video quickly went viral on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, where the topic page for the hashtag #SwedishTVShowInsultingChinesePeople gained more than 34 million views.

People were pissed.


"This is despicable. Sweden's image is ruined."


"The Swedish TV station must apologize!"


"Sweden is making a fool of themselves internationally! This is truly disgusting! They must apologize! If they don't welcome Chinese people, we won't go to Sweden, we will no longer shop at Ikea! Chinese people have principles!"

And thought it was racist.


"Isn't this just blatant racism?"


"This is no longer a kindly reminder for us to watch the behavior of our people, but a blatant insult to the Chinese people. But I am sure that some people from other countries will still believe that Sweden did nothing wrong. Chinese people and Western people are never held to the same standard when they do something wrong."


"This type of talk show is so boring I can't laugh at it. It's just white people getting off on themselves talking. That woman suggested that Chinese people eat dog. Well, I was asked that question countless times when I was in Europe and it made my eyes roll. Also, is using a knife and fork such a refined thing to do? In East Asian cultures, we use chopsticks to daintily pick up our food, but you using a knife to brutally cut up your food is considered refined? White people declare they are not racist but actually deep down, they believe that they are superior to any other race. Coming to the Western world, I finally see just how hypocritical white people are."

The TV episode comes after a family of Chinese tourists were forcibly removed by police from a hostel in Stockholm earlier this month, which also caused a controversy in China.


According to Chinese media reports, the elderly couple and their son, surnamed Zeng, had arrived at the hostel on Sept. 2 before their check-in time and asked to wait in the lobby.

However, the staff later asked the family to leave, which the family reportedly refused to do, prompting the hostel staff to call the police.

Videos and photos on social media then show Swedish police forcibly dragging the family out of the hostel, carrying the father by his arms and legs.

The family are then seen sitting on the ground and wailing.

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That incident caused a debate on Chinese social media, with some people criticizing Swedish police for their treatment of the family while others felt that the family's behavior was embarrassing.

Although the incident happened on Sept. 2, it did not go viral until Sept. 14, two days after the Dalai Lama visited Sweden.

After the incident went viral, the Chinese Embassy in Sweden issued a safety alert for Chinese tourists in Sweden, citing the incident and urging them to take extra precautions as many Chinese tourists have also become victims of theft and robbery.

The Chinese government denied that the government's response to the incident was related to the Dalai Lama's visit.

A Swedish government source told Reuters that Sweden "believed that China was exaggerating the incident" because Sweden had spoken out over the case of Gui Minhai, a Swedish bookseller who has been detained by Chinese authorities since 2015.

"Sweden and the EU have repeatedly called for his release and Chinese authorities don’t like that," the official said.

The Chinese Embassy in Sweden has since issued another safety alert, as well as a statement condemning the Svenska Nyheter episode as "a gross insult to and vicious attack on China and the Chinese people."


"The SVT program and Jesper Rönndahl spread and advocate racism and xenophobia outright, and openly provoke and instigate racial hatred and confrontation targeting at China and some other ethnic groups," the statement read.

The embassy said that it had rejected SVT's argument that it was "an entertainment program" and urged the station to issue an immediate apology.

A spokesperson for SVT told BuzzFeed News that the goal of Svenska Nyheter is to comment on current affairs by using satire and humor but they made a mistake with the sketch about Chinese tourists.

"The purpose of the short segment was to gather Chinese reactions," the spokesperson said. "This was a mistake as the entirety of our message and ambition was then lost."

"We recognize that this may have been an insult, for which we are truly sorry," the spokesperson said.

They added that the intention for the episode was to "follow up on the official Chinese reaction to the hostel incident, while at the same time covering the the fact that sinophobia hasn't gained the same amount of attention as other forms of racism in Sweden."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the Chinese Embassy in Sweden for comment.